Sneak peek + in progress:

Veterans Affairs(VA) Telehealth

Format: Flipbook / Country: USA

With the life-altering pandemic, medical facilities gets overwhelmed and governments directed people to stay home. Covid-19 has taught us to consider users interacting with their health needs, and that technology has made it possible for people to receive health care from home.

The U.S Department of Veteran’s Affairs are swift to extend and adapt digital healthcare technologies to serve Veterans.

So, how can we help in supporting the Virtual Healthcare Managers?

I worked with a Creative Director to produce this resourceful interactive 68-pages flipbook. We considered the overall user’s experience; easy on the eyes, simple to navigate buttons with custom icons and illustrations, that serves as a quick reference for Virtual Care Manager interacting with Veterans.

The flipbook is Accessibility-centered designed to meet the minimum of standards in Section 508 and the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0.

︎︎︎The flipbook serves as a complete source of information for a Virtual Managers in assisting Veterans, with easy to navigate step-by-step instructions and go-to scripts.