Sneak peek + in progress:

World Bank Group

Format: PDF, Published /Country: Indonesia

City Planning Lab is a Technical Assistance program of the World Bank which aims to support Indonesian cities harness the potential geospatial data for evidence-led urban planning.

I worked closely with a team of Urban Development Specialist Consultants, in creating the logo and concept for the 7 series of knowledge booklets in a custom box set, that was presented in a high-level event at the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank Annual Meetings event that took place in Bali, Indonesia.

We consider ways to break apart and simplify heavy information into easy to identify and read booklets, explored the idea of engaging the audience’s participation by incorporating play into the packaging. My role comprised the entire design lifecycle of this project—from brainstorming to design, sourcing for printers to press check.

The sets was presented to senior government leaders around the world and was very well received. Yay.

︎︎︎Six out of seven copies from the set lives in PDF format in the Collaboration for Development at World Bank website.

01/ CPL Overview
02/ MSDI
03/ Institutional Arrangements
04/ People
05/ Data
06/ System